I had such a rough night last night. Baby was up at midnight, wouldn’t settle and seemed to have an upset tummy. Nursed him and fell back to sleep.
Then I was dreaming very strange dreams. What is scary in the night seems silly in the morning, but it was enough for me to wake with a scream and crawl into my husbands arms.
Basically I found out there was a hit man after me and my children.

The rest of the night was also fitful. Dreams of secret meetings with anonymous people giving me “information”. Bizarre emails and texts.
Something is definitely bugging my subconscious. I know myself, when I get stressed about something, it usually comes out in nightmares. If things are really out of sync, I get the occasional panic attack. Luckily those are now rare, not like the year I finished nursing school and started working.
Now, I think I’ll take a little me time, reflect and relax. The answers will surely come. I’ll need lots of coffee today.