April 19-#100happydays-day 10

BBQ!!! The season is here. Time to put away the slow cooker and scrub the grills! 



April 13- #100 happy days 

 Cooking makes me happy! I’m so glad I know how to cook and enjoy making meals. Both my husband and I have always had fun in the kitchen. He is by far the more adventurous one, finding recipes and coming home with odd ingredients. I usually stick to favourites, but rarely use recipes. I’m always adding this or that, or using a recipe as a guideline and making substitutions as I see fit. Probably why I don’t like baking. Too specific. 

Well tonight was a simple fish fry, but came together nice with purple cauliflower, low mein noodles and Sauvingnon Blanc.  


Quote for today. And some wine.

I like this quote, but I find it hard. Of course things coming to an end are sad. I guess it’s another way of saying “look for the silver lining”.
It’s been a quiet week. Just making it through these winter days, feeling like spring may never come. I won’t be crying when winter ends, that’s for sure.
When the groundhog comes out in Saskatchewan, we hope and pray for ONLY 6 more weeks of winter.

Ugh. Good day to put some roast beef and potatoes in the oven. Turned out nice, medium rare with some BBQ spices rubbed in. Gravy was also excellent. (At least I thought so, I love gravy).
Opened a bottle of red. Per chance, it may have been sitting on the shelf a little too long. Learning a new lesson: don’t hoard wine.
It was still alright, dark red with some smoky spicy notes. Fruity (yet alcoholic) bouquet.
I’m sure we’ll finish it.


Easy Peasy Chunky Spaghetti

I do love cooking. When I have time. Ah, I miss the days before children, when we had all the time in the world to find ingredients, make a sauce, eat whenever we pleased.
So now, if the afternoon gets away from me, I find something quick.
Pasta is always my go-to in a pinch.

I call this Chunky Spaghetti.

  • Cooked spaghetti (4 servings)
  • 500gm ground pork (or beef)
  • 1 can whole tomatoes
  • 1 chopped zucchini

lots of oregano, basil, salt, pepper And a bit of garlic and sugar

cook the ground meat thoroughly, put everything else in the pan and let it summer while the water boils and the pasta cooks.



I enjoyed with some wine. Not the whole box. image