Been busy doing… May22-#100happydays-day 43

Well, I realize I’ve been missing a few days here and there, and lately not having a lot to write about. 

But today makes up for lost time! Many things made me happy today, including the amazing sunshine! 


I spent the afternoon digging and weeding the garden, but it still looks messy. Oh well, some more manure, a bit of water, and I’ll get the seeds in soon.  


We had a Dr. appointment for my little guy this afternoon, found out we need an ortho consult. Since he started walking, he seems to drag his right foot sideways a little. Hoping and praying it’s nothing serious. 

We then had some playtime with both boys over at grandma and grandpas, and had fun swimming in the backyard.  

 A beautiful evening has been spent outside. Beginning with grilling some Tuna to a perfect medium rare, along with peppers and zucchini. Some wine, and eating on the patio. Ahh, summer, I think you’re here! 

   Now, kids in bed, husband working on our basement renos, and I’m sipping another glass of red on the patio.   

  Also enjoying a few moments with my faithful beagle. We prepare to say goodbye to him soon, as I think his illness is getting worse. But seeing him roll around definitely makes me happy.  


May 16-#100happydays-day 37- out at the lake. 

So happy to take this guy for a walk!  


My Beagle

Just a quick post about my beagle in honour of Miss P winning Best in Show.

My beagle Tanner is almost 12. He’s been my buddy through so much. He’s a great dog and very handsome.
He’s such a pain in the ass most days. He goes out about 20 times a day. Barks non stop. He steals garbage. He has eaten everything and anything. ie. A whole loaf of bread, whole raw potatoes, chicken wings, underwear.
He is overweight. But with kids in the house, dropping food constantly, I never have to sweep up the floors.
I feel so bad he’s getting older and lazier. So far he’s in pretty good health, but I worry about days to come. He’s such a huge part of my life. I can’t find a puppy pic, but here he is.