Been busy doing… May22-#100happydays-day 43

Well, I realize I’ve been missing a few days here and there, and lately not having a lot to write about. 

But today makes up for lost time! Many things made me happy today, including the amazing sunshine! 


I spent the afternoon digging and weeding the garden, but it still looks messy. Oh well, some more manure, a bit of water, and I’ll get the seeds in soon.  


We had a Dr. appointment for my little guy this afternoon, found out we need an ortho consult. Since he started walking, he seems to drag his right foot sideways a little. Hoping and praying it’s nothing serious. 

We then had some playtime with both boys over at grandma and grandpas, and had fun swimming in the backyard.  

 A beautiful evening has been spent outside. Beginning with grilling some Tuna to a perfect medium rare, along with peppers and zucchini. Some wine, and eating on the patio. Ahh, summer, I think you’re here! 

   Now, kids in bed, husband working on our basement renos, and I’m sipping another glass of red on the patio.   

  Also enjoying a few moments with my faithful beagle. We prepare to say goodbye to him soon, as I think his illness is getting worse. But seeing him roll around definitely makes me happy.  



April 27-#100happydays-day18

This little dude likes to make messes, so he can help clean up. He doesn’t always do the best job, therefore my house is a disaster most days.   


April 17-#100happydays-day8

Both boys (and mom) had glorious naps today. The 3 year old will give me a rough bedtime, but it was worth it for 1.5 hours to relax in the quiet!  


6:30 am

I never thought I’d be happy to be “sleeping in” until 6:30 am. 

My kids are not great sleepers. My older boy Michael (3) rarely gets up in the night, but bedtime shenanigans are getting to me. He is also walking into our room anywhere from 5:15-6:30. That’s why today, for a weekend, 6:30 is pretty good.  Thank goodness the mornings are getting lighter.

backyard about 7 am

Thomas (11 m) is still working on sleeping all night. He’s done it about 5 times in his whole life.  It’s frustrating but so often I just found it easier to nurse him than let him cry. The sleep books say not to, and I understand now why dad trying to cuddle him just doesn’t work. What did anyone do before sleep training books?? Ugh, always feel like nothing works. 

At least the little guys can keep themselves busy for a few minutes in the mornings. I can have my coffee, and vent a little. And feel tired. For the rest of my life.