Too sensitive? Thoughts on a bad day. 

Yesterday was one bad day. In the morning my younger son had an appointment with an allergy specialist. He tested positive to peanuts. I was so sad. Now, I’m no stranger to allergies, I myself have an anaphylactic allergy to dairy. But at least I can be around milk. My poor boy needs to be sheltered from peanuts completely. And the thought of his life in danger, it’s just so shocking.  It will be a big change, but it’s sacrifices we have to make. Thank god things are so different than when I was a kid.  

Then I went out for dinner with a few friends.  One girl showed me a few pics from another friends kids birthday party. It had been held earlier that day. We weren’t invited. I felt really left out. And especially sad for my son. I’m trying to get him out with other kids as much as I can.  It just brought back so many memories of being a kid and being left out. Not having many friends. Which then made me realize, I still don’t have many friends. I need to keep in touch better. 

Then I had to admit I got a little jealous and envious. My other girl friend was talking about her upcoming wedding. She’s marrying a millionaire. Sigh. I hate to sound materialistic but, jeez sometimes it would be nice to get whatever I want bought for me. 

Home to my husband doing a bit of basement cleaning. I started tackling an old box of pictures. Just something else to make me emotional. Photos of when I was so young and pretty.  Parties with friends that I longer have. 

Overall a bit of a low day. Pretty emotional and sad for me.  Wide range of emotions. I guess I will occasionally use his blog just to let my feelings out. Makes me feel a little better. 


3 thoughts on “Too sensitive? Thoughts on a bad day. 

  1. Morgan,
    You are being very real here and expressing yourself honestly. I think it’s ok to have all of those emotions as long as none of them are controlling your actions.
    There are always “friends” or family who seem to have it easier, or better, or “have it all together” but really no one knows what their life is like behind closed doors. I have a friend who married rich, he has been an alcoholic for most of their marriage but she is still there because she gave up her profession to be his wife. They travel but life isn’t a bed of roses. I have a friend who has “retired” early because she was let go because her husband had a pension to support her.
    I remember good friends going out for supper and a show — it was a surprise for her birthday — but we weren’t invited. It hurt but you have to just accept that some things aren’t in your control and you have to let them go. I have also, I am sure, hurt others by my actions.
    I suffer from nostalgia quite often, about when my kids were little! Like you said in another blog post live each day fully and connect with your world. What you give will come back to you and perhaps it is more important to have a few good friends than a lot of friends. Although having said that I have a lot of good friends and my husband says I keep them because I work hard to stay connected so you are on the right track.
    Hugs and take care.


  2. Doc Arnett says:

    Sometimes it seems like our day hits a “track change” and it’s hard to get it switched back. I’ve taken too many of those. Sometimes I’m able to catch myself early on and take a moment to do some self-coaching and shut down the soul-sucking inclinations. Sometimes, I just go ahead and have a lousy day! Hang in there and try to make positive choices whenever you can… and accept that all of us have struggles.

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