Fortunate in many ways. 

I’ve started to think of luck in a different way. Luck and good fortune can be blessings or things that you receive.  But I’ve really started to consider the “absence of bad luck” to be even more important. 

When I really Think of all the things that could be happening, but haven’t, then I truly feel blessed.  The absence of illness, my husband NOT being one that was laid off, my food being safe and healthy. 

We are starting to build our basement, and with that brings de cluttering. I decided to post on Facebook that I had a bunch of baby clothes to give away. I received a message from an old aquantance. We had known each other through school, and she had a child at 18. We lost touch after about age 20. I knew her life had been rough, moving, trying to find jobs, raise her daughter. 

Now her daughter, age 18, was pregnant. Whoa. A grandma at 36!?!  Can’t even imagine how different life is for so many different people.  Again, I just felt so fortunate that I DIDN’T have an unwanted pregnancy. 

I was more than happy to give her all my baby clothes, as well as some maternity clothes and baby toys. Really made me realize how much stuff we have that could be used by someone who really needs it. 

We’ll keep cleaning that basement, and hopefully do a few more good deeds. 


2 thoughts on “Fortunate in many ways. 

  1. Choices — they are all around us. Seeing life on the positive side is work but so worth it. If you get a chance you should read “Focus on the Positives” by Darci Lang.


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