Summerhill Pinot Gris 2012

We tried this bottle of white last night. Not with a meal, just throughout the evening. I usually “sip” white wine in the summer, and stick to red in winter, but we felt like something different. 

It was very good! And excellent on its own. I expected it to be a bit lighter, but was happy overall. Here’s my not so professional review. 

Colour: light gold

Nose: fruity, but smooth, slight lemon. 

Taste:  I found it to be almost creamy/buttery at first. Rich peach and pear. Stephen thought mostly fruity taste, slight sweetness. 

Aftertaste:  we both agreed on a bit of tartness, some lemon flavours. 

4/5 overall 

The bottle quotes “Notes of white peach, pear, permisson and Meyer lemon.”

I believe we bought this wine on a trip through Alberta, so I’m not definite on the cost, but I’m guessing 20-25$. I would drink it again. Would be lovely on a warm afternoon in the deck. 

Back in 2009, we visited the Summerhill winery in Kelowna,BC. It wasn’t my favourite actually. It was large and impersonal, and I wasn’t too sure what to make of the pyramid on the grounds. I can’t remember what we tasted while there. 


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