My Beagle

Just a quick post about my beagle in honour of Miss P winning Best in Show.

My beagle Tanner is almost 12. He’s been my buddy through so much. He’s a great dog and very handsome.
He’s such a pain in the ass most days. He goes out about 20 times a day. Barks non stop. He steals garbage. He has eaten everything and anything. ie. A whole loaf of bread, whole raw potatoes, chicken wings, underwear.
He is overweight. But with kids in the house, dropping food constantly, I never have to sweep up the floors.
I feel so bad he’s getting older and lazier. So far he’s in pretty good health, but I worry about days to come. He’s such a huge part of my life. I can’t find a puppy pic, but here he is.








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