Thoughts on never having a daughter.

I always wanted to get married and have kids. For most of my 20’s I thought that would never happen, but I finally lucked out with a fantastic man!
I also always saw myself with a daughter. A little girl to dress up and brush her hair. Now that I have two boys, I’m not sure that will ever happen.

When I was pregnant with my first, everyone told me I was having a boy. Deep down I was kind of hoping for a girl though. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, i was just used to girl stuff. Of course, when that moment came, and I heard my husband say “it’s a boy!!”  and I knew he was healthy, I was so happy! And he was so cute!!

My first photo as a mom

My first photo as a mom


Michael A few hours old.

I loved having a son! He was so mischievous, yet sweet.

When I was pregnant the second time, everyone said “oh, I hope you have a girl this time!” Yes, I wanted a girl. Balance things out, one of each, all that. I thought to myself, I have a boy, what will I do with another?

So that time came around again, and I heard “its a boy!!”. I was so happy he arrived healthy, and I loved him instantly, but I do admit, thee was a touch of disappointment. Wow, two boys. This guy looked different from my first, but he was pretty darn cute too.

He's here!

He’s here!


Thomas, 1day old.

I soon learned how amazingly different these two children were. The sex really didn’t matter, each was so unique. I don’t know why I thought my two boys would be the same, and go through each milestone or phase the same way. Their personalities are so different.

Now, a lot of people ask me if we will “try for a girl”. I honestly haven’t decided about a third child. I always thought two was perfect, but now, when I see their uniqueness, I kind of want to meet another little person, and see what they’d bring into my life. Male or Female.

I do feel like I’m missing out a little bit on ‘girly’ stuff, but the more I’ve thought about it I realized maybe I’m meant to be a mom to boys. Maybe I’d have trouble raising a girl.

Recently, at a ‘mom meet up’, I mentioned that I didn’t like baking, didn’t know how to sew, and I was terrible at crafts. One of the other moms commented “good thing you have boys, what the heck would you teach a girl?” Hmmm…


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on never having a daughter.

  1. I got the “million dollar” family on my first two attempts. Both were taught how to do laundry, make beds, cook and bake. Both learnt how to change a tire before they got their license. They are totally unique but I didn’t teach them different things because of their sex. Neither one ever cared about sewing despite my love it if. Late to the game they both do quite a bit of woodworking. So I’m quite of taken back by your friends comment — seems a bit old fashioned for someone your age with young children. The kind of comment my 90 year old Mother would have made.
    The decision to have another child is huge and seems you can’t pick the sex one has to know they are doing it for the uniqueness and the challenge and the love. Good luck with that decision!


    • Morgan Gebhardt says:

      My goodness! I almost forgot how I felt writing this. 2 years later, my little girl has made our family amazing and full of love.
      I need to get back into blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s a long story but my new phone was backed up to my older phone (not the current one that got poached) so today I went onto wordpress and your blog popped up in my reader column. My phone is new but the data backed up is 2 years old! Hence I initially thought it was a new blog!! I’ve missed you. I didn’t even realize you had another child — congrats!!!


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